Aircraft Inspections and Maintenance

Inspections Maintenance

Maintaining your aircraft so you can focus on your destination!


For Annual/100 Hour Inspections we follow the manufacturer's inspection checklist for your specific aircraft and Appendix D to Part 43.

A few items included in the inspection are:

  • Bore Scope of cylinders and compression check
  • AD Research for compliance and needed recurring actions (AD2020-26-16 research/inspection additional cost)
  • Status of the Static System / Altimeter/Transponder tests – Due every 24 months whether VFR or IFR
  • ELT (and remote) condition, operation, and status of battery due dates
  • A detailed report of findings including un-airworthy items found during inspection, pictures of bore-scoped items and any other notable visual concerns.
  • Test flight with current owner, if desired.

We offer both flat rate and hourly rates for Inspections. Our hourly rate is $95/hour.

The flat rates for inspections include labor only: oil, filters, parts, etc., are additional. Please call for a quote on our flat rate services.

Pre-Puchased Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections are customized to each aircraft and the potential buyer’s desires. This inspection can be as detailed as an Annual Inspection or a quick inspection to simply ensure airworthiness. A detailed report with pictures will be given to the person requesting the inspection, with the findings.

We service the continental U.S. for your convenience (Travel fee not included in inspection price)

Call us for more information: 918-236-0093



When experiencing maintenance issues with your aircraft, rest assured our experienced technicians will get you back in the air quickly and safely. With quality maintenance on certified, experimental, public use, and helicopters, our personalized service and communication will bring confidence in knowing your maintenance needs are properly addressed, and the final invoice will not be a surprise. Your safety is our #1 concern.

What sets us apart?

With more than 40 years experience, you can expect quality craftsmanship and concise communication on all of our avionics and maintenance services.

We offer solutions for any avionics need, flat-rate inspections, and on-site services.

Our shop rate is $105/hour.
*Flat rates for inspections include labor only.
Oil, filters, parts, etc. are additional.

Call us for more information, quotes, and travel rates.


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